Weekly Telescope Podcast

Incremental improvements to the about page, first admin buttons, accessibility improvements, introducing Portainer, Google Search Console verification and getting started on the Jest Snapshot testing for our front-end are among my list of highlights for the past week.

Last week we’ve made a steady progress towards our UI 2.0 milestone. It has been very nice to see About page getting more and more polished by the efforts of Chris. It was a tough one, but we finally have a properly styled and responsive About page!


Yuan has done a very good job with improving the accessibility of links in the dark theme in her pull request. We have finally seen the introduction of Portainer (kudos to Josue) and got started on adding UI elements for admin functionality. From my side, it has been interesting to work on configuring Jest and creating the first snapshot test for Telescope’s front-end. The setup process gets really confusing due to a lack of standardization and poor documentation, but Dave was able to give me hand with it. He says it takes “decades of being stuck” to figure such things out…Anyhow, here is the code for the snapshot of the Logo component:

Adding more snapshot tests is fairly easy and we should put our effort into increasing the coverage in order to avoid burnout and gain more confidence with using automated tools, such as Dependabot.

Another insightful thing that I have been exploring is the Google Search Console. Good news is Telescope is on Google and required pages have been crawled:


We can also see some statistics on how many times Telescope was mentioned on other URLs and what were the top linking sites:


Surprisingly or not, most of our search appearances came from the US:


However, there are also bad news…our old website seems to still be more popular then the new Telescope:


There is definitely a lot of insightful information available for us to analyze on Google Search Console and I think that we should not hesitate to explore our options there!


To summarize, here is the PRs that I worked on last week:

And the following is a list of PRs that I have reviewed:

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