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On this week’s Telescope podcast is how to tame the monster and how to make one go away.

“git outta here” — Chris Pinkney

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Last week has been pretty busy. Telescope team has shipped , in which we finished porting to Next.js, scrapped Gastby front-end for good, fully updated all of our dependencies, made a good progress with micro services, and finally configured Dependabot appropriately. Good job, team!

Dependency Updates

After the initial fiasco with launching Dependabot, we have been very serious in dealing with this beast. After hours of team discussions, we have formulated the following set of precautions to be followed for our second attempt:

  • manually update most of our dependencies, since we had quite a few of them outdated
  • remove Gatsby package file from configuration file. Dependabot will not check for outdated dependencies at
  • set the to for each of the 3 remaining package files. That would bring us to a maximum of 3 Dependabot PRs open at a one time
  • disabled automatic rebases: . This will prevent Dependabot from rebasing each of its PRs whenever it gets outdated. We will rebase manually when we are ready to merge each pr. That would avoid having extra CI runs.

As a result, our configuration file has been modified accordingly. One cool thing that we configured is the Telescope Maintainers team, which would now be notified of any new Dependabot PRs. This way we avoid having direct account links in our code base and leave room for future adjustments on the go.

As for the less exciting, yet very needed process, I have spent a good chunk of my nights manually updating our Next.js and auto-deployment server dependencies. Overall, it was nice to learn that each package has a and a versions, which might not always be identical. While testing updated dependencies, I have worked out a good habit of checking where specific dependencies are used in the project and compare how they perform with the older version. This (hopefully) allowed us to avoid additional bugs associated with the updates.

My skills have also been affected this week, since I had to do a lot of rebases while dealing with dependencies. I’ve also tried to help our team members where I could (Mo, how are your rebasing skills now?).

List of PRs Prepared

List of PRs Reviewed

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