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In this blog post, I will provide you with some updates on what happened in Telescope last week.

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One of the major things that I achieved last week was incorporating the new release process into our repository and successfully testing it to create release 1.6.0 of our project. Some additions that were made since the last article was posted include the npm-version command line tool. Now we can do the release not with two commands, but just with one:

npm version minor -m "Release 1.6.0"

I also have to mention that during our test release we have encountered one problem with our automatic deployment server:

Me and Josue have taken a closer look into the problem and tried to reproduce it. We have been able to find that on a number of occasions the action that is sent by our GitHub Webhook was not able to reach our auto-deployment server. However, the Webhook was triggered successfully on all occasions, which means the release workflow works as expected. Due to the lack of logs, we were not able to identify the root problem with our auto-deployment server being unable to receive some requests just yet. We are approaching this issue as we go, but for now, we can say that this is not a major show stopper for us. We can always re-trigger the webhook to send another request to the auto-deployment server in case it fails to receive one.

Another thing that I have looked into is making sure our release documentation stays up-to-date, which is addressed in https://github.com/Seneca-CDOT/telescope/pull/1650.

Apart from that, we have also had a group coding session to migrate the header to our Next front-end with TypeScript. It was a nice opportunity to dig into some messed up git history and learn more about Next.js and TypeScript.


To summarize, here is the PRs that I worked on last week:

And the following is a list of PRs that I have reviewed:

Plans For This Week

This week we have started conversations about adding the database, migrating the existing feed list and the sign-up flow (issue #1642).

Draft Diagram With a Number of Resolved Question by Chris

Me and Chris are going to look further into this task and split it up in a number of smaller issues. I am also looking forward to having conversation about dependencies updates with Yuan (issue #1647). Lastly, we are also thinking of having a group coding session to help Royce port the error page to Next.

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